About Us

FETCH is a brand dedicated to providing an effective and silent solution to the common problem of excessive barking in dogs. Our primary goal is to enable people from all around the world to enjoy the benefits of an anti-barking device that truly works without disturbing the peace.

Since our inception in 2018, we have been on a relentless pursuit to find a product that can effectively address the barking issue and enhance the overall quality of life for both dogs and their owners. Our journey involved months of thorough research and exploration, as we were determined to discover a solution that would genuinely make a difference.

At FETCH, we understand the impact that constant barking can have on the tranquility of homes, neighborhoods, and the well-being of dogs themselves. We firmly believe that peaceful coexistence between humans and their canine companions is possible. Therefore,  that uses innovative technology to provide a silent and effective approach to managing excessive barking.

In a nutshell, FETCH is committed to revolutionizing the way people address the barking problem. With our silent anti-barking device, we aim to create a harmonious environment for both dogs and their human companions, fostering a better standard of living for all. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions, requests, or inquiries you have – we are here to help and provide information.